Best Phone In each Price Segment For the Year 2019 10

Best Phone In each Price Segment For the Year 2019

So The Year 2019 is finally coming to an end
and most of the people wanna know how the smartphone or smartphone companies performed this year.

Honestly, this year was very good for the smartphone industry, with many budget flagships and great value for money mid-range smartphones

We will start with the contenders in each segment starting from 10K and going all the way up to 100K

First will the Phone under 10000 INR(10K segment)
note: I will also include one or two phones which may cost just a bit more than 10K but can be bought under 10K if some offers are applied

Phones Under 10000 INR(10K segment)

The Contenders here are the Realme 5S, Redmi Note 8, Vivo U20 and Samsung Galaxy M30
Thee Redmi Note 7 Pro and Realme 3 Pro were also in the option

Overall if a winner has to be chosen then the Vivo U20 is the winner, as even though it cost 11K, for its superior performance, Very good Camera Setup, Great battery life, and Good Audio, But It also some cons like Plastic Build

If You want Phone with Great Build Quality and Splash Resistance and Type C port, and you are Ok with lower CPU performance and a bit lower camera Performance then Redmi Note 8 is the answer

Phones Under 15000 INR(15K segment)

Here the Competition is between The Redmi Note 8 Pro, Realme 5 Pro, Moto G8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy M30S, Vivo Z1 Pro and The Realme X2

If You want a performance phone which can perform CPU intensive task, Good Camera, Great Video’s, Very good Battery life and Excellent charging speed, with Good Audio’s, AMOLED Display and you are ok with a Tad bit Weaker GPU, then Realme X2 is the one for you, even though it cost a bit more than 15K but it delivers the Best CPU performance all the phone in this price segment as of now

If You Want a phone for its battery life, Display, Build Quality and you are ok with a not so powerful CPU-GPU performance, and good Camera performance Then Go for the Samsung Galaxy M30S

If you want a gaming phone, with great Camera, good battery life and a great IPS-LCD display and you are ok with Tad bit Weaker CPU performance and weaker quality video’s then Redmi Note 8 Pro is the Way to go

Finally, if you are a fan of Stock Android, and ok with Above average performance and Very good Camera setup
Then Moto G8 Plus will be the one for you

Note: The Redmi K30 5G is a much better option than the one’s in 15K segment but it is still in not released on India therefore not mentioned here, plus it will cost around 20K, so when released it will the best phone on 20K segment

Note: There is no 20K segment as most of the phones in the 20K segment are just the upgraded version of the one in 15K segment

Phones Under 30000 INR(30K segment)

In This Segment, there is the Realme X2 Pro, Redmi K20 Pro, Asus Zenfone 6Z, Oppo Reno Ace, Oppo Reno 2Z

All the option’s here comes in the category of a Budget Flagship excluding the Oppo Reno 2Z, so no matter which one you but, you will get good performance,

But if you want the best performance then The Realme X2 Pro is the one, it has a snapdragon 855+ with a great camera setup, great Battery life, excellent charging speed capable of charging the phone from 0 to 100 % in around 30 Mins, Excellent Display, 90Hz Screen, Great Audio and Almost Zero Cons, The Realme X2 is the Winner here

But there is again an option here if you are a vlogger and mostly uses the front camera for video making, meaning the Front camera is your topmost priority then the Asus Zenfone 6Z is a very good option, it shots one of the best, if not the best Selfies and Front Camera Videos, and Also has Great Specs

The Redmi K20 Is also a great option and if you strictly bound by the budget, and can’t spend more than 26000 INR then Redmi K20 is the best option out there

In the 30K price segment finally, the IOS starts to come, so if you are an IOS fan And Only wants an apple Device then you can buy an iPhone 7

Phones Under 40000 INR(40K segment)

There are Very few android Options here The Asus Rog Phone 2, One Plus 7T, the oppo Reno 2 and the Xiaomi MI Note 10(108MP camera phone!)

If You want a phone with one of the best performance, Battery life, Display, Audio and Ok with a Great Camera(The Camera is great, the main camera even beat the One plus 7T but the 7T has better features in the camera), Then the Rog Phone 2 is the answer

If you want a phone with clean looks, great performance, display, Great Camera setup, and Good battery and likes the Oxygen OS then One Plus 7T is the one to go for

If Camera Performance is your top Most Priority and you don’t care about CPU performance then Oppo Reno 2 and Xiaomi MI Note 10 are the ones for you, as it has one of the best camera setups on an android smartphone out there

If You are spending 40K INR then you can also get the iPhone XR, normal its price is around 45K, but on some sales, it can get under 40K

Phones Under 50000 INR(50K segment)

There is Almost No point Talking about this segment, As there are very less smartphones in this price segment which are worth the extra money you will be spending over the 40K segment

There Phones like Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, One Plus 7T Pro, Nubia Red Magic 3S, and Apple iPhone XR

The One Plus 7T Pro is the winner here, it just an upgraded version of the one plus 7T with a pop-up selfies camera

The No budget segment

Here one just wants the best of the best, so here is the best of android and IOS

If you want the best of the Android
Then the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Galaxy S10 Plus are the ones for you, and also there is Asus Rog Phone 2 if you are looking for a phone with RAW performance(Highest Antutu Score)
The Note 10 plus cost’s around 80K and the S10 also cost around 80K
The Rog Phone 2 for the 12/512 GB variant with all the accessories cost around 60K

Now coming to IOS
The iPhone 11 starts at 65K
The iPhone 11 Pro Starts at 100K
And the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at 110K

In terms of Raw Performance, there is no difference between the 11, 11 pro and 11 pro max, as all use the same processor
In terms of camera, the 11 pro and 11 pro max are same, with the same triple camera setup, while the 11 has a weaker Dual Camera setup
Also, the 11 has an IPS-LCD display, while the 11 Pro and 11 Pro max has OLED display

Finally, it is up to you which iPhone you wanna buy, below you can read the comparisons for the 11 series, and review for the iPhone 11 Pro

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