Motorola RAZR - The Compact Folding Phone 10

Motorola RAZR – The Compact Folding Phone

Motorola Razr folding phone announced going to be released in January(2020) this is what kids know if you from 90’s you would’ve felt
the feel it gave you when you are young.

Motorola RAZR - The Compact Folding Phone 11

what can be expected in the box? by seeing you will understand this a new lane done for a smartphone. we know foldable phones already released but they didn’t feel something that can exist this Motorola is a real rigid foldable phone. you can feel the premium feel of the folding magic.

whats on the phone…?. Its with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710, RAM 6Gb ,6.2” foldable pOLED(Plastic OLED),2510 mAh battery, 16MP rare camera and front 5MP camera folding phone you can use 16MP as front camera too and its said its having four microphones need to have phone in hands to check what they can do, its said spill proof but no official IP rating.

I won’t be banging it for the low mid-range chip it’s the one big step towards innovation. it’s a big slim premium-feeling same old Razr. the mechanism they used is so good it will not leave a mark of the fold so clean. I the box you can find Razr earbuds, accessories case, TurboPower charger, USB-C cable, headset adapter cable.its not out yet so we are not able to tell some more details of it. It priced at $1499/- I know it sounds high but I expect we will have good days soon with the second version in pockets like Asus did magic with rog phone 2.

Its Priced Very High, well that can be expected as it is only one of its kind in the market and being the first generation it is expected to be Priced High

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