OnePlus 8 Series Indian Pricing. Just Amazing

In The Previous Detailed Specification Overview of the OnePlus 8 Series, I didn’t have the Indian pricing and I just converted the USD to INR, but it was said by One Plus that the Indian pricing will be cheaper than the international pricing
And now the Indian pricing is here and they are as follow

OnePlus 8 Pricing

oneplus 8

One Plus 8
6GB RAM+128GB Storage(Indian Only version) – 41,999 INR
8GB RAM+128GB Storage – 44,999 INR
12GB RAM+256GB Storage – 49,999 INR

One Plus 8 Pro
8GB RAM+128GB Storage – 54,999 INR
12GB RAM+256GB Storage – 59,999 INR

OnePlus 8 Series Indian Pricing. Just Amazing 10

OnePlus also announced the pricing for the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z, which costs INR 1,999

It is Just as I thought if the One Plus 8 is around the 41-42K INR segment then it would be a great choice to go for. and is also a good upgrade from 7T to 8 given the price increase
And the OnePlus 8 Pro is just around ~1000INR more than the One Plus 7T Pro, even with its international pricing it was already a great choice, but with the reduced pricing, it is even better.


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