OnePlus Z – now to be powered by Snapdragon 765 instead of the previously rumored Dimensity 1000

Before the release of the OnePlus 8 Series, it was pretty sure that there will be Three smartphones releasing, OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8 Lite, after some time the name for 8 Lite was changed to OnePlus Z, and that time it was believed to be powered by the Mediatek Flagship the Dimenstiy 1000, but it was not released with the OnePlus 8 Series, and now it is expected to release in July.

OnePlus Z

Now the rumors say that it is more likely to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765, instead of the Mediatek Dimensity 1000 as suggested countless times before.
At first, it looks like they are rumors and they can be wrong, but there is a good chance that previously the OnePlus Z was going to be powered by the Dimensity 1000, but was later changed to the Snapdragon 765,
And I think I have an explanation for it.

OnePlus Z

Explanation 1

The Possibility is that initially, the OnePlus Z was to be powered by the Dimensity 1000, but Due to Some offers from Qualcomm, “some offers” which the OnePlus was not able to refuse, OnePlus changed the SoC to the Snapdragon 765, also it makes sense as from the first OnePlus phone the OnePlus 1 all the OnePlus phones are powered by a Qualcomm SoC, so they just can’t see that streak going away.

Also, one more thing which makes sense is that initially OnePlus Z was released with OnePlus 8 Series, but got delayed to July, and this much time is needed to change the SoC, manufacturing process, Softwares, etc.

OnePlus Z

Explanation 2

The Other Possibility is that if OnePlus Z is released it is expected to be priced around INR 30,000, or you could say it is needed to priced around INR 30,000, as not to clash prices with OnePlus 8.

But here is the catch if the Z is priced at INR 30,000 and is powered by Dimensity 1000, then the price to performance ratio of OnePlus Z would be much batter than that of the OnePlus 8, and it would directly affect the sales of OnePlus 8.

The Dimesntiy 1000 is SoC better than the Snapdragon 855+ in performance as suggested by the benchmarks, and in results shown in Geekbench 4.1 and Antutu score, it is not far from the Snapdragon 865.

OnePlus Z

So if let’s say you are someone whose first and utmost priority is CPU performance, like for gaming, rending, and other things, Then OnePlus Z would be a much better option at INR 30K instead of going for the OnePlus 8 at INR 42K.

And that is the reason I think why OnePlus changed the SoC from Dimensity 1000 to a Much Weaker Snapdragon 765, so not to affect the sales of the OnePlus 8


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