Best Laptops – The Best Laptops To Buy In India in 2020.

Choosing a Laptop to buy can be a complicated affair, and with close to 70 laptops releasing in 2020, it’s getting ever more complicated. And with the entry of AMD … Read More

The MacBook Air(M1) – The Best and the Most Powerful MacBook Air Ever.

A few days back, I posted an initial first impressions post for the new MacBook Air(M1), and by the looks of it and the initial benchmarks, it was looking to … Read More

Apple MacBook Pro 13 – Obviously There are some Remarkable Upgrades, but are they worth it.

Apple has Unveiled the New MacBook Pro 13, or simply saying the MacBook Pro 13 2020, obviously due to being the newest model, it has some upgrade like the use … Read More

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