The Intel's HEDT Flagship - i9-10980XE(Extreme Edition) 10

The Intel’s HEDT Flagship – i9-10980XE(Extreme Edition)

The Intel’s Core X-Series Processor’s, this term may not be familiar with may out there as this is HEDT(High-End Desktop) processor and is mainly used for its processing power rather than its gaming capabilities, A good option for those who wanna handle low to slightly medium server load and those who are into mid-level CAD/CAM process.

This year, in the Quarter 4 intel released the 10th gen, Core X-series processor, with the highest model being the i9-10980XE of the Cascade Lake-X family, this particular CPU has 18 cores and 36 Thread’s and is clocked at a base frequency of 3.00 GHz and a Max Turbo Frequency of 4.6 GHz which can further be boosted up to 4.80 GHz via Intel turbo boots max technology, has 24.75 MB cache and a TDP of 165 W (note: intel’s TDP is based on the power it will need while working at the base frequency).

In terms of performance This chipset scores around 7200 in PC mark 10 and similar kind of scores around all the benchmarking software.

While this is not a CPU designed for gaming, people won’t buy a second pc just for gaming if they have spent this much on one pc, so for gaming performance, the numbers are good, giving around 114 FPS in GTA 5 in ultra settings and around 90 FPS in Metro Exodus in very high-quality settings.

The Intel's HEDT Flagship - i9-10980XE(Extreme Edition) 16

These numbers are good but the interesting thing is that in some benchmarks this processor which is the HEDT from Intel loses to the AMD’s 3900X which is Not the HEDT from AMD, the numbers of benchmark in which it looses is pretty low but we compete it against the AMD’s 3950X, The number of benchmarks increases significantly, however, the most interesting thing to note is that Neither the 3900X or 3950X Comes under the category of the HEDT. And yeah I know Geekbench 4 is Old, but the numbers speak for itself

For Gaming, the 9900K is obviously the better option as compared to the 10980XE as games take advantage of the higher clock speed.
But While AMD’s 3950X is Cheaper but still easily compete’s and wins in many areas when compared to the Intel HEDT flagship.

The 10980XE Supports up to 256 GB of DDR4 memory with up to 2933 MHz, and no ECC memory is supported(duH…!).
While the PCIe 4.0 has been released this processor only supports PCIe 3.0 and offers a maximum of 48 PCIe Lanes.

The price for the i9-10980XE is around $979(roughly 70000 INR) in the USA.
However, if you want the lower variants here’s the price for them, keep in mind that the single-core performance for all this will be somewhat similar
Core i9-10940X – (14C/28T) – $784(roughly 56000 INR) in USA
Core i9-10920X – (12C/24T) – $689(roughly 50000 INR) in USA
Core i9-10900X – (10C/20T) – $590(roughly 42000 INR) in USA
The prices here are for the USA not for India, in India mostly the price is higher compared to the USA

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